You can choose to buy $DODI from a dex at Uniswap or from a CEX at Bitmart.
Your choice.
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  1. Install Metamask or Trustwallet
  2. Set it to Ethereum network
  3. Buy ETH and send it to your wallet
  4. Click button below, enter the desired amount and hit swap
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  1. Log into your BitMart account (or create one)
  2. Follow [link] to the exact trading pair contract
  3. Buy the desired amount
  4. Withdraw to Metamask or TrustWallet if you would like to #stakeDODI

DODI is the native token of DoubleDice protocol that allows you to extract utility from the DoubleDice built tech-stack. In the future, as the protocol transofrms into a DAO, the DODI token will also inherit some of the governance mechanisms. Community led open deployments are available at

Token Contract Address On Ethereum


Token Contract Address On Polygon

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