Whats my $DODI worth?

Use the $DODI value calculator to see the intrinsic value that the token holds, depending on your assumptions on utility extraction and value creation for yourself.
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Input the DODI you have/will stake to secure the right to own and operate a bet/gaming room. It can be between 500k to 10m DODI.

Enter number of minutes. Bets run from 30 minutes up to a few weeks depending on your choice. Gaming rooms are automated and run every 3 to 5 minutes.

If you expect 20 bets within a single gaming round, input 20. If you are expecting 1000 bets in a longer duration bet, include 1000.

Include here you estimate of the average $-amount of each bet being placed within your bet page/gaming room. If you expect it to be $20, input 20.

Input here the hosting and socialising fees you will charge the players. If you plan to charge 3%, input 3.

Based on your inputs above your earning estimates and per DODI token value would be as under:

Daily earning


Yearly earnings


Value vs price multiple


1 DODI worth


1 DODI price today


Formulae used in the calculations:

Total bets = Average size of bets * Number of bets

Earnings from one bet/gaming round = Total bets * Fees you will charge

Daily earnings = Earnings from one bet/gaming round * (1440 divided by Length of the bet/gaming round)

Monthly earnings = Daily earnings * 31

Annual earnings = Daily earnings * 365.25

Lifetime earnings = Annual earnings * 100

Lifetime DODI price/worth = Lifetime earnings / DODI amount staked

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