Join the #lazypool staking

Lazypool stakers actively enable the community deployment of DoubleDice protocol on by running virtual service nodes in proxy.

Stake any amount for at least a year and help room owners succeed. Earn a share of the room owners hosting fees.
No pain. All gain.
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    Every quarter 20% of the protocol fees will be distributed to the #lazypool participants
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    Play smart.
    The larger your stake the larger your share
    The earlier you stake the higher weight your tokens carry
    The longer they stay staked, the higher your returns
    10m $DODI per room

The protocol fees will be received in multiple crypto tokens that the bet owners will use for their virtual floor creation. These fees will be converted to a stable-coin for ease of protocol fee distribution. The straight protocol fee share model is a much clearer way of rewarding the Lazypool community that facilitates the hosting of the room owner’s products as well as the marketing support on a protocol and community level (not individual VFs)

LazyPool Contract On Polygon


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Minimum Lock Amount


Minimum Lock Duration

365 Days

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