Stake DODI to run bets/rooms #ownaroom

Access DODI tech-stack with discounted rates for longer term staking (10m standard rate). Stake for as long as you like to secure the discounted rate for longer.
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    DODI needed to own and run bets and gaming rooms increases over time
    Currently 7m DODI
    Retain this rate for your entire duration of staking chosen at outset Standard rate for #staked
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    Standard rate for #stakedRoom:
    10m $DODI
    Stake and unstake at will for short term room ownership needs.
    Retain flexibility with this option.

Minimum staking is 7,000,000 DODI and minimum duration is 1 year. There is NO maximum locking DODI amount. Stake multiples of the minimum amount to own and host multiple simultaneous rooms. Staking 1 room for 1 year will allow you to host and run unlimited bets/rooms over the 1 year time-period. You can create a new bet/game as soon as the last one ends.

Staking/Locking-in Contract On Polygon


My DODI Balance


Minimum Lock Amount

7,000,000 DODI

Minimum Lock Duration

365 Days

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